Range Rover 2016 Key Cloning

27 February 2016  |  Admin

Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar was all confident in there latest ECU software release and there read only keyless module in order to stop key cloning. But the vehicle thieves are always one step ahead designing and developing the latest software and components in order to clone a new key into your vehicle and drive it away. The models are all at risk in the UK

Range Rover sport - 2010 -2016+
Range Rover mark III - 2010 -2016+
Range Rover mark IV- 2010 -2016+
Range Rover E vogue 2012-2016+

Land Rover Discovery IV-2010 -2016+
Land Rover Freelander II- 2012-2016+
Jaguar XF - 2010-2016+
Jaguar XJ - 2010 -2016+

If you own one of the above vehicles it's time to secure your vehicle to give you complete piece of mind we offer a custom Cobra ADR package and Immobiliser package to stop your pride and joy getting stolen. The latest range of thefts on these vehicles is due to range rover putting a pair of data wires into the blind spot modules behind the wheel arch liner. This means a thief will simply pull the arch lining away and gain access to the2 data cables ( known as Can-Bus ), once the cables are connected to it the thief will put a new key up to the lower edge of the drives door glass and within 15-20 seconds a new key will be programmed to allow the vehicle to be driven away. The new Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles come with a factory fitted tracker, this can be found and ripped out in seconds and many insurance companies are now not accepting factory installed tracking systems on these vehicles. Get an aftermarket tracker installed such as a Cobra Tracker.

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