Trackstar S5 Review

6 March 2020  |  Admin

The Trackstar has been around for many years and it has served customers well in getting there stolen vehicles back. Being approved by main vehicle Manufactures gives you complete piece of mind when having an S5 installed. The S5 offers complete protection from key cloning & scanning attacks by looking  for the ADR tag when the vehicles ignition is switched on. Without this tag being within range the tracker will instantly send an alert to head office and Trackstar will phone you directly and ask if this is a theft attempt. The tags which sit on the vehicles keys are nice and sleek and work well. This is exactly the same S5 system that BMW, Range Rover or Jaguar would supply at the dealership however we buy in large bulk meaning you the cusrtomer get the best prices and savings.

We are fully approved by Trackstar and once the customer information request form is complete we forward this onto Trackstar so the device is ready / working when the engineer fits the device. This gives you instant cover for your insurance. With Trackstar also featuring a mobile app you can check on your vehicle status at any time meaning if your on holiday you could simply check the app and make sure your vehicle is ok / still where you left it. Trackstar offers all the main features of a Thatcham approved tracker such as an inbuilt back up battery, tilt and motion sensor ( detects your vehicle being towed away ), ADR which detects if the owner of a theif is driving the vehicle. System health checks meaning the system is electronically checked and these diagnostics are done over the air. It also has an inbuilt battery disconnect monitor meaning if anyone tampers or disconnects the battery an alert will be sent to Trackstar.

We are one of the cheapest online sellers of the Trackstar S5 in the UK. Meaning we can offer the excellent Trackstar S5 for ONLY £399.99 FULLY FITTED