VW Golf R Autowatch Ghost Fitting

2 May 2018  |  Admin

The VW Golf R is an excellent performance hot hatch but sadly thieves still run rings around the factory security on these vehicles. The Autowatch Ghost however provides excellent security against these forms of thefts by sending a blocking signal via Can-Bus. This will allow the vehicle to start for 1 second then the engine will stall and not allow any form of engine restart. Unless the pin code is entered before the vehicle is started. On most Golf models you have a good selection of buttons which can be used to disarm the immobiliser.

The Ghost offers excellent protection against normal thefts of OBD port key cloning and home break in methods to gain access to the vehicles keys. Even if a theif has the keys to the vehicle it still won't start unless a pin number is entered via the vehicles buttons. There is no wiring to trace back due to the Ghost using the vehicles indicator lights as an indicator when you have successfully entered the pin number or you wish to put the ghost into service mode.

If you require an Autowatch Ghost fitting to your VW Golf R why not place an order online to get your installation arranged. you can place an order here